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The Blue Bike Chronicles

by Karen K

Released 2016
Jitterbugs Inc.
Released 2016
Jitterbugs Inc.
The highly anticipated, groundbreaking solo album from singer/songwriter and bandleader Karen K (of popular tot-rock group Karen K & the Jitterbugs) that explores the magical in-between years of childhood. Packed with well-crafted, memorable songs in a brilliant array of popular styles, The Blue Bike Chronicles is a timeless classic that will delight listeners for generations to come – and a must listen for anyone who’s ever been a kid.
“Tot rock” singer/songwriter Karen K takes family music to new heights with The Blue Bike Chronicles, a groundbreaking album written for elementary school-aged kids and their families. This highly anticipated solo project from the band leader of the popular band Karen K & the Jitterbugs perfectly captures the magical in-between stage of school-aged youth and the tenderness of those parenting years while families enjoy the ride together.

Fusing catchy, toe-tapping melodies in a brilliant array of popular styles with age-appropriate lyrics and themes, The Blue Bike Chronicles was inspired by Kalafatas’s 4th grade daughter and her own vivid memories of growing up a pre-tween in the 1970s. With heavy pop influences met with her usual skillful, genre-swirling style, the album is packed with original and cover songs in a wide variety of musical categories: country; Americana/roots; folk; rock; hip hop; big band, and with a nod to Karen’s NYC theater background, modern musical theater. From the high-octane pop-rock anthem of “Being Different” to the full-on Nashville country “Cousin Party” to a delightful new twist on “When We Grow Up” from the Marlo Thomas’s famous Free to Be…You and Me, the album boasts music that growing kids and their families can finally agree upon.

As with all of Karen K’s music, there’s something here for the entire family, but these songs will make a special connection with the pre-tween set, ages 7-10. 

At once fresh, modern and comfortingly familiar, The Blue Bike Chronicles is already a timeless classic that will delight listeners for generations to come - and a must listen for anyone who's ever been a kid.

Lyrics, Videos and More: www.bluebikechronicles.com
Karen K & the Jitterbugs: www.karenkjitterbugs.com

“A pop masterpiece…the music quality rivals the Top of the Pops…easily rivals the best of any Disney theme music…”
-Rebecca Yorn Alison, Kids Can Groove

“The air-tight first (Blue Bike Chronicles) single ‘Without You’ is what Taylor Swift would sound like if she had a 2nd grader who wanted to break free from school to hang with mom.” –Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle/Huffington Post Contributor

“Spiky, power-pop sheen…fun for the whole family.” –The Boston Globe

"The Blue Bike Chronicles is a collection of carefully crafted anthems and ballads that capture pristine moments of childhood and child rearing in America. With a vision slyly subversive yet brimming with positivity, the album, in a quilted patchwork of guest appearances and genre styles, redefines family connection in a constantly changing, modern world. Fun, funny, touching, and beautiful -- this album is testament to a gifted songwriter with a genuine and important American voice." –C.J. Pizarro, singer/songwriter, leader of Los Angeles-based Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips